Visit of Dr. Ketan R. Patel, Chairman, and Managing Director, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals to NIPER-Ahmedabad on 3rd August 2017

Start Date: August 03, 2017
End Date: August 31, 2017

Event Detail:

Visit of Dr. Ketan R. Patel, Chairman, and Managing Director, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals to NIPER-Ahmedabad on 3rd August 2017

Dr. Ketan R. Patel, Chairman and Managing Director, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals visited NIPER-Ahmedabadon 3rd August 2017 to deliver an invited talk on topic entitled ""Innovation - Improving Lives."The Director, Prof. Kiran Kalia graciously welcomedDr. Ketan R. Pateland gave a detailed description of his achievements, which was truly inspiring. Dr. Patel addressed the students and faculty members of NIPER-Ahmedabad, and thanked for this opportunity to share his experiences in front of the youngsters "The future of the country.” He initiated his talked by briefing the importance of ‘Innovation’ in the betterment and sustainable growth ofa country. He also shared the milestones ofhis journey from generic medicine to a leading innovator of new formulations. He gave a decent description of the emerging therapeutic markets, where pharmaceutical sectors are currently lagging behind, and ways to move ahead in future. After an inspiring talk, Dr. Patel gave abundant time to answer questions and queries of students about innovation and how to go about it. He said that the first step towards a valuable innovation is to have a niche idea and then to work persistently towards it until we reach our translatable goal. He insisted that even a small idea can get converted into a worthy innovation with a persistent effort. Off course, failure will be a part of this journey, but one should self-motivated.Teamwork is often a crucial part of an innovation process, as it is often necessary for colleagues towork well together, trying their best in any circumstance.Teamwork means that people will try to cooperate, using their skills and providing constructive feedback. After thetalk,Prof. Kiran Kalia presented a memento to Shri Patel and appreciated him for his tremendous talk, which was full of energy and motivation. Later he visited the labs of NIPER-Ahmedabad and interacted with faculty members.Dr. Patel was very happy by the way NIPER-Ahmedabad is progressing. He also congratulated Prof. Kalia for his continuous efforts to progress NIPER-Ahmedabad, as well as recruiting such a finest teaching faculty, which he believed the heart of any teaching and research institute of National importance like the one "NIPER-Ahmedabad is!”

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