The admission to NIPER Ahmedabad academic programme for GPAT ( qualified students is conducted through the NIPER Joint Entrance Examination and counseling organized by NIPER,Ahmedabad. Details of eligibility, qualifications, programmes, admission procedure and other informations are available in the month of April every year on the website of NIPER Ahmedabad (

Academic Programmes

NIPER - Ahmedabad conducts educational programmes at postgraduate and doctoral level.

M. S. (Pharm.)

The details of discipline and number of seats is as below:
Discipline Eligibility for Application Available Seats
Biotechnology B. Pharm; M.Sc.(Biological Sciences) 10
Medical Devices B. Pharm 10
Medicinal Chemistry B. Pharm.; M.Sc.(Organic chemistry) 16
Natural Products B. Pharm.; M.Sc.(Organic chemistry) 10
Pharmaceutical Analysis B. Pharm; M.Sc. (Organic/Analytical Chemistry) 20
Pharmaceutics B. Pharm 20
Pharmacology & Toxicology B. Pharm; B. V. Sc.; M.B.B.S. 16

Ph.D. Programme

NIPER- Ahmedabad is offering Ph.D. degree in following disciplines.
Discipline Proposed Seats for 2019
Biotechnology 01
Medicinal Chemistry 02
Medical Devices 01
Natural Products 01
Pharmaceutical Analysis 02
Pharmaceutics 02
Pharmacology & Toxicology 00
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