Courses of Study

The Institute started in 2007, offering M.S. (Pharm.) in three specializations i.e Biotechnology, Natural Products and Pharmaceutics. Three more specializations i.e Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Pharmacology and Toxicology were introduced from the academic year 2010. Opening of Medical Devices stream in 2012 was a feather on its cap. Today NIPER Ahmedabd is offering M.S (Pharm) in seven specializations.

Qualifying Criteria for award of M.S (Pharm.) :

  • The minimum credit requirement for Masters Degree shall be 50 valid credits including a minimum of 30 credits of course work and 20 credits for the of project work.
  • The minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average requirement for the award of the degree shall be 6.00.
  • The maximum period for completion of the Masters Programme shall be 3 years from the date of joining the Programme.
  • Other details in this regard are mentioned in the ordinance under the head e citizen on our website.

Requirements in undertaking Doctor of Pharmacy:

  • The M.S. (Pharm.) degree holders of NIPERs shall be required to complete doctoral course of minimum 12 credits.
  • Masters students from other than NIPERs joining Ph.D programme shall be required to complete minimum 28 credits out of which 16 credits shall be from specialization and remaining 12 credits from the doctoral course.
  • The minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average requirement will be 6.50.
  • A student will be formally registered or admitted to the candidacy of Ph.D degree only after clearing the comprehensive examination which he or she will be permitted to take only after the submission of a research plan and completion of the course work.
  • A maximum of two attempts (not in the same semester) will be allowed to any student to clear the comprehensive examination.
  • Where the student successfully clears the comprehensive examination, his or her provisional registration shall be considered as formal registration for the Ph.D Program.
  • The student will be required to be registered for a period of not less than three years but in exceptional cases the minimum registration period may be reduced to two years
  • Other details are mentioned in the ordinance under the head e citizen on our website.


  • To work for overall development of professional human resources and to develop excellent and well trained human resources for the industry.
  • To conduct advanced translational research in pharmaceutical sciences
  • To promote research activity to strengthen the centre for medical devices.
  • To conduct continuing education programmes


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