Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Research Activity

  • Design and synthesis of heterocyclic compounds as anticancer and anti-diabetic agents.
  • Development of new strategies and concepts in synthetic organic chemistry towards sustainable synthesis of NCEs for anti-cancer drug discovery.
  • Computer aided drug designing, docking, simulation studies and study of (quantitative) structure activity relationship.
  • Transition metal catalyzed C-H activation reactions of unreactive C-H bond for the synthesis of anticancer and neuroprotective agents.
  • Design and construction of fluorine containing scaffolds of pharmaceutical importance via C- H Bond activation.
  • Process development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).
  • Re purposing of existing drug molecules for improved PK/PD profiling by modification of non pharmacophoric parts.
  • Design and synthesis of peptide-nucleic acids (PNA) targeting m RNA and DNA related to oncology and neurological disorders.
  • Synthesis of peptides and peptido-mimetics for targeted delivery and organocatalysis.
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