Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera

Ph.D. Berhampur University, 2013.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera, Ph. D


Tele: -+91 79 66745555

E-mail : santosh.behera@niperahm.ac.in

Research Interest

  • I received my Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Berhampur University. I took a challenging research problem on "Computational Biology of Cyanobacteria, Invertebrate and Vertebrate Mucin using Bioinformatics tools and SDS-PAGE Analysis." In my Ph.D. findings, I have predicted and validated the two- and three-dimensional structures for the mucin proteins (glycoproteins) using various computational tools and techniques that are found to be novel. The finding of my study contributed significantly to the knowledge with special reference to the mucin proteins from various organisms and their structure, functionality and evolutionary relationships. The study was carried out to find the interactions between mucins, human diseases and its associated organs to explore their potential use as diagnostic, prognostic markers and as therapeutic targets in various diseases.
  • To explore the gut microbiota in newly diagnosed diabetic patients, I have performed NGS analysis. Presently, I am involved in various aspects of health informatics such as an In-silico analysis of various inhibitors using combinatorial tools for development and identification of potential inhibitors as anti-cancer and anti-viral, therapeutics. Taking the advent computational chemistry in drug discovery process has emphasized the development of new technologies for design, synthesis, screening and decoding of combinatorial library of drugs. One of my investigations was carried out to report the better inhibition efficacy among Ganetespib, Fluorouracil and its combinatorial drug treatment (Ganetespib+Fluorouracil) against Hsp90 molecular chaperone through in-silico approach. Collaborative research is been carried out to solve the alarming issues of COVID-19, and vector borne diseases, through explorative exchange of scientific thoughts virtual screening and, network pharmacology. Most of my investigations are based of in-silico protein structure prediction and validation followed by structure-based or ligand-based drug design, virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulations.
  • Data mining and Structural Biology
  • Computational chemistry, Molecular Modeling, Docking and molecular dynamics simulation
  • Virtual screening, Pharmacophore modeling, Drug designing, network pharmacology and System Biology
  • Gene Regulatory Network (GRN) analysis


    • October 2020 - Present:
      Scientist, NIPER-Ahmedabad (INDIA)
    • June 2018 - October 2020:
      Programme Officer, ICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar, Odisha (India)
    • April 2014 - March 2018:
      Project Scientist II, ICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar, Odisha (India)
    • January 2008 - April 2014:
      Research Associate (RA), Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Centre sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India at Berhampur University, Berhampur Odisha (India)



  • Award of Excellence (My Best Mentee) from SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Tirchy, Tamilnadu in the 6th National Workshop on Research Methodology, organized on 20th to 23rd March, 2019


  • Chaitrali Shevkar, Ashwini Armarkar, Ramani Weerasinghe, Kasun Maduranga, Komal Pandey, Santosh K. Behera, Kiran Kalia, Priyani Paranagama & Abhijeet S. Kate. (2022). Cytotoxic Bioxanthracene and Macrocyclic Polyester from Endolichenic Fungus Talaromyces pinophilus: In-Vitro and In-Silico Analysis, Indian Journal of Microbiology. doi.org/10.1007/s12088-021-00994-8
  • Santosh Kumar Behera, Nazmina Vhora, Darshan Contractor, Amit Shard, Dinesh Kumar, Kiran Kalia. (2021). Computational drug repurposing study elucidating simultaneous inhibition of entry and replication of novel corona virus by Grazoprevir, scientific reports. 11, 7307. doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-86712-2
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  • Vidya Mukund*, Santosh Kumar Behara, Afroz Alam & Ganji PurnachandraNagaraju, (2019).Molecular docking analysis of nuclear factor-κB and genistein interaction in the context of breast cancer. Bioinformation 15(1): 11-17.
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  • Praharaj AB, Dehury B, Mahapatra N, Kar S.K and Behera SK,(2018). Molecular Dynamics insights into the structure, function and substrate binding mechanism of mucin desulfating sulphatase of gut microbe Bacteroides fragilies. Journalof Cellular Biochemistry,Wiley. 119(4):3618-3631.
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Book/Book Chapter/Peer Review Abstract

Peer Review Abstract

  • S.B. Padhi, P.K. Swain, S.K.Behera and G. Behera (2010). Industrial Utilization of Algal Fatty Acids. Book: Algal Biotechnology New Vistas. Daya Publishing House, Delhi - 110 035, www.dayabooks.com. ISBN 978-81-7035-647-9.
  • Santosh Kumar Behera, Ardhendu Bhusan Praharaj, Gayathri Chalikonda, Gowru Srivani, and Namita Mahapatra (2020). Gut Microbiota as Signatures in Non-communicable Diseases and Mucosal Immunity. Book: Theranostics Approaches to Gastric and Colon Cancer. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 152 Beach Road, #21-01/04 Gateway East, Singapore 189721, Singapore. ISSN 2662-2688, ISSN 2662-2696 (electronic), ISBN 978-981-15-2016-7, ISBN 978-981-15-2017-4 (eBook).
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