Governing Acts

Governing Act and Notifications

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1NIPER Act, 1998The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Act, 1998, No. 13 of 1998.
Registered No. DL-33004/98, 26th June,1998.
Amendments (in chronological order)
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2The NIPER Amendment Act, 2007The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Amendment) Act, 2007, No.19 of 2007. Registered No. DL-(N)04/0007/2003-07, 3rd April, 2007.niper-amendment (83.59 KB)View
3Notification, 27th September, 2007Establishment of new NIPERs Registered No. D. L.-33004/99, 27th September, 2007nipernotif (327.41 KB)View
4NIPER (Amendment) Act, 2021National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Amendment) Act, 2021.
REGISTERED NO. DL—(N)04/0007/2003—21
DECEMBER 20, 2021
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5Date of effect of coming into force of the NIPER (Amendment) Act 2021NOTIFICATION, MINISTRY OF CHEMICALS AND FERTILIZERS, Department of Pharmaceuticals, REGD. No. D. L.-33004/99, 1st JUNE, 2022Notification-Date_of_effect-1_June_22 (764.88 KB)View


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1NIPER StatutesG.S.R No. 391, Registered No. D.L.-(N)-04/0007/2003-05, 8th November, 2003.niper-statutes (738.08 KB)View
2Statutes Amended 2014Statutes (Amended) 2014 F.No. 50020/16/2010 NIPER Vol. I, 10th September, 2014.Statutes_Amended_2014 (1.47 MB)View
3Notification regarding retirement age of employeesStatutes_Amendment_2019_NIPER_Officer_Retirement (197.48 KB)View
4NIPER Council Rules, 2022 NotificationCouncil Rules Notification dated 1st June 2022, REGD. No. D. L.-33004/99Council_Rule_01_06_2022 (1.41 MB)View
5NIPER Amendment statutes 2022National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Amendment) statutes 2022, (Registered No. D. L. (N) 04/0007/2003-05, 24th August, 2022)Statutes_Amendment_2022_Aug27 (789.79 KB)View
6Amendment regarding maximum age of DirectorRegistered No. D. L. (N) 33004/99, 13th September, 2022Statutes_Amendment_2022_Sept13 (797.54 KB)View


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1Ordinance 2005Registered No. D.L.(N)04/0007/2003, 21st November, 2005.niper-ordiance-2005 (985.84 KB)View
2Ordinance (Amended) 2010 Registered No. D.L.33004/99, 1st February, 2010.ordinance-jan2010 (753.99 KB)View
3Ordinance (Amended) 2012 Registered No. D.L.33004/99, 1st October, 2012.ordinance-jan2012 (267.71 KB)View
4Ordinance (Amended) 2014 Registered No. D. L.-33004/99, 24th January, 2014.ordinance-amended-2014 (305.05 KB)View
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